Gift Ideas for 4 Types of Friends

The holiday season has long been a period of religious celebration, spending time with friends and family, and the ringing in of a new year. But would it really be the holiday season without its fair share of stress due to gift giving? We all have a list of presents to purchase for an array of people in our lives, but here’s my breakdown of the four most difficult people to shop for and how I handle it;


The friend who’s always traveling: Most of my friends enjoy the occasional weekend getaway, but there always seems to be someone in my life who takes more trips than usual. Whether it’s a backpacking adventure or a family reunion, everyone tends to take a certain amount of invaluable items. There could not be a better gift than Pacsafe’s Venturesafe X30 backpack; complete with a built-in raincover, it’s not only the perfect carry-on for traveling, but it’ll also keep all of your friend’s most precious cargo and newly acquired souvenirs from wandering off at the hands of bag slashers or pickpockets.

Fathers day composition. Picture of father holding his son

The parent who says they ‘don’t need anything’: I have the perfect approach to this by going sentimental. Parents are generally at a point in their lives where they can buy whatever they want or need for themselves so unless you have the means to really outdo yourself with an expensive purchase, give from the heart. I personally love photographs, so capturing a beautiful picture and framing it for dad’s desk, mom’s dresser, or that empty hallway wall works well for me. After all, it’s art created by a person they love – and it’s beautiful to look at!

Business Newtons cradle

The close colleague: This is the person whom you spend countless office hours with, the occasional happy hour, and share one too many inside jokes about the boss. I like to keep the gift for this person both fun and personal. Maybe they need a nicknack or statement piece for their desk, and who better to find this sort of thing than the one who know him or her best? Despite being work buddies, keep in mind their hobbies or favorite restaurant they frequent with a significant other to help maximize their time away from the nine to five.


The neighbor you don’t know so well: Neighbors can be best friends, acquaintances, and anything in between. If it’s someone you’re close to, this might not apply, but for the one you catch at the pool, the occasional complex, or while you’re out walking the dog, I suggest showing off your baking skills. One of my favorite, very basic (and relatively healthy) recipes is banana ‘cookies’.  To make this, take two or three bananas that are slightly past ripe and mash them up with some oatmeal as well as one or two other ingredients of your choice.  I personally like dark chocolate and butterscotch chips or raisins and walnuts. Bake a dozen, wrap them up, and walk them on over. It’s a nice gesture and it won’t break the bank.

Follow this gift-giving guide for the perfect gift everyone would appreciate, and enjoy a stress-free festive holiday!

Spencer Crites

Spencer is a YouTuber who shares his passion for travel and gadgets on his channel, Spencer Crites.