How to Survive the Christmas Sales without Breaking the Bank

Christmas and the holiday season is a great time to find deals and save on anything from washing machines to sweaters to televisions. However, even the most sensible shoppers struggle with their spendings during this time. The holidays can really take a toll on our wallets, so how do we survive all the craziness without breaking the bank?

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Plan Your Christmas Shopping

I know it’s easier said than done but the fundamental steps to control your spending during this season is to prepare a realistic Christmas budget and stick to it. You can easily browse the internet to find out where the best Christmas deals are, then plan your shopping trip according to your budget. Be sure to look out for retailers like Pacsafe where you’ll often find storewide sales at the end of the year. Mark your calendar and treat this like a Christmas shopping manual to avoid impulse purchases.

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Do You Need Them?

Make a checklist of the things you need to buy. One thing I never buy on sale are expensive purchases that I was not previously wanting or in need of. If I’ve been shopping around for a new bike and happen to catch a great Christmas sale, I’ll absolutely take advantage of it. However, if you just happen to come across a new bike that seems awesome and you all of the sudden want it just because it’s on sale, you’re setting yourself up for an expensive purchase that you might not have bought upon further investigation.

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End of Year Models

It is just too tempting to grab a device that’s on a crazy price markdown but be wise to steer clear from end of the year models without knowing for sure what the newest technology will be. Luckily, most companies release their new models way before Christmas so you know what to expect. But if you’re shopping for a new gadget, make sure you know what the updates for that brand are in the coming year. Just be sure that you don’t care to have them before you drop hundreds or thousands of dollars on something that will very quickly be outdated.

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A Holiday Escapade

If all else fails, make a run for it. Turn off your computers, stay away from shopping malls and go on a vacation instead! Rather than being tempted into buying things you may regret, why not invest in yourself by traveling? Remember: traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Here are 2017’s top destinations you should totally visit.

I’m the first person to jump at a good sale, but it’s always important to make sure whatever it is you come across, you actually need. Christmas and end of the year deals are impossible to miss, but as someone who is quite specific and meticulous about what they own, I have to constantly remind myself I won’t be happy unless I’ve done my research beforehand. The best advice I could give anyone is to do a little bit of investigation and take a little bit of time to actually get the most bang for your buck.

Spencer Crites

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