Long Plane Ride Ahead? Here’s What to Wear

People sitting in airplane

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Sitting on a plane for 10 hours in skinny jeans, high heels, and an anti theft handbag with my hair perfectly styled sounds like a horrendously uncomfortable experience. On the other hand, it’s hard to get away with wearing a bathrobe in public. Finding the perfect ensemble for a long plane trip required finding that fine line between functional and not looking like you just rolled out of your bed. Some people have no qualms flying in an outfit that that would fit in at a nightclub, but I’m not that person. Here are my top picks for .

Slip on Shoes
Shoes that you can take on and off easily are crucial. While wearing flip flops is definitely an option, I always prefer to go with something a little cozier that involves socks. If you’re going to go the sandal route, make sure to bring socks to ensure you stay nice and cozy during the hours sitting underneath a stream of air.

Warm Socks
You know those fuzzy, slipper socks that usually come in garish colors and look like something your Grandma would wear to bed? They’re amazing. Otherwise you can’t go wrong with a pair of fleece socks.

Athletic or Yoga Pants
My favorite pair of traveling pants are my Smartwool yoga pants. The only downside is that they don’t have any pockets, but other than that, I love them. I also love them because they’re black. You can’t go wrong with black pants while traveling. They hide coffee stains when you spill coffee all over yourself on the plane and they always look reasonably classy. Well, at least compared to pajama pants. You really want something lightweight, comfortable, stretchy, and something that cleans easily and packs down well.

Bouncing from one side of the globe to the other usually means some pretty significant changes in climate over a very short timespan. Make sure your ensemble easily accommodates those changes by going with something that gives you a lot of options.

Keeps your head warm and covers up bad hair when you get off the plane. Pulling it low over your face can also discourage fellow passengers from trying to chat with you when all want to do is sleep.

For the Ladies
Nothing worse than an underwire digging into you for 10 hours. Opt for a sports bra or a shirt or tank top with a built-in shelf.

Toiletry Kit
It’s always a good idea to pull your toiletries out of your checked luggage and stow them on your carry-on especially since you’ll be able to brush your teeth, wash your face, and comb your hair after 10 hours of tossing and turning in a cramped cabin chair. Also, you’ll have your basic necessities if your luggage–heaven forbid–ends up lost. An extra change of clothes in your carry-on is highly recommended in case you need to look a little more presentable when you get off the plane; you can always duck into the lavatory and change before landing.

Shoulder Bag
As for the carry itself, an anti theft shoulder bag like the Metrosafe 200 is pretty much the ideal size to hold your emergency clothes and and toiletries, but small enough to get shoved into a larger carry on if needed.

By Nikki Hodgson