Our Favorite Packing Tips from Pinterest

Pinterest: a social media obsession useful for planning weddings, keeping track of the 800 various cheesecake recipes you might make one day, and wasting time drooling over photos of destinations which–unless you work on a beach in Costa Rica–look far more attractive than the one out your office window. (Incidentally, if your office

is on a beach in Costa Rica, get in touch. We want your job.) Pinterest can be exceptionally useful when planning or trips or seeking tips on…well…just about everything. Here are some fun packing tips that we’ve pinned on our board “Travel Style and Tips.”

Packing Wine
Here’s a clever idea for those of us who can’t
resist bringing home a bottle (or five) of wine from Italy. Stick the bottle inside an inflated kid’s swimming floatie and voilà, a great way to keep your wine bottles safe when traveling. Unless the floaties puncture. Then probably not so great. Either way, this tip wins definite points for creativity and style.
Packing Jewelry 
To avoid tangling chains when packing necklaces, look no further than a plastic drinking straw. Slip the necklace through the drinking straw before cramming it in your suitcase or jewelry bag and consider yourself (or at least your necklace) tangle-free. It definitely beats spending 15 minutes trying to untangle your jewelry from the depths of your toiletry bag.

Packing Liquids 
Put plastic wrap over bottle openings and then screw the lid on to protect the rest of your suitcase from spills. Because not everything fits into a ziplock bag. The only downside is that sometimes the plastic wrap gets a little worse for the wear as you travel and unless you plan on carrying a roll of Saran wrap with you, you could face a plastic wrap shortage. Just, you know, pointing that out.

Packing Miscellaneous Toiletries
An unused glasses case makes a great storage place for miscellaneous items like tweezers, nail files, clippers, and other toiletries. Or use it (as shown) to house the tools for a quick manicure when you’re on the go. And by on the go, we mean in your hotel room. As lovely as the fumes of nail polish are, we could definitely go without them on a plane, bus, train, or just about anywhere in public.

Best Packing Advice Ever
I really don’t think there’s anything else we can say except: Agreed.

By Nikki Hodgson

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