Packing Tips For Surviving Unruly Regions of the World

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The zombie apocalypse we’ve all been so enamored by is never going to come, but that doesn’t mean our world doesn’t regularly resemble it anyways. Spontaneous protests sometimes turn violent, governments crack down on their citizens, and Mother Nature gets pissed off and brings the pain through earthquakes, tsunamis and heat waves. These things happen all the time, and you could easily wind up in the crossfire. Assuming you’ve already mastered our tips for traveling safe, here are some things you might consider for visiting particularly unruly regions of the globe and when shit hits the fan.

Water and Food
If your world suddenly becomes a ball of fire (whether it be from lobbed Molotov cocktails, artillery fire or a grumpy volcano that’s supposed to be dormant) and your sweat glands are pumping out all the water in your body, you’re going to need to hydrate.  Drink a minimum of 1 Liter of water per day. To carry said water, use two to three different durable one-liter containers. If possible, make one of them a metal canteen, which can be used to boil unfiltered water when the need arises.

While you can survive for several days without food, there’s no reason to bring further misery into your already capsized life. Throw in the usual dehydrated camping fare and health bars – pretty much anything with a long shelf life – and carry along an ultra-light, MSR-type backpacking stove with a couple of fuel canisters.

Shelter and Clothing
This is survival, not vacation, so limit your choices to the survival blanket and tarp varieties, because hey, even in times of disaster, packing light is far more comfortable than being loaded down with a bunch of heavy crap you might not even need. With clothing, the method is simple: abandon cotton. It’s all about wool and travel-specific garb that will make life more comfortable.

Pack waterproof matches, lighters, a fire steel and flint. For tender, bring along a bag of cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly. They will ignite and you will be warm around a cozy campfire.

Your medical kit should not simply be a plastic bag full of Band-Aids. This is secular Armageddon. Demons don’t roam the forests, but bandits do, and when you get a cut, it might be from some maniac with a machete. Make sure you have gauze dressing, bandages of several sizes, anti-bacterial ointment, alcohol pads and suture kits. Maybe even a rape whistle. For a more thorough discussion in this category, have a gander at our suggestions for packing a traveler’s first-aid kit.

Tools and Weaponry
A nice Wenger Swiss Army Knife and a fixed-blade survival knife are two fine objects that can accomplish everything from general repairs to intimidation.

Our world doesn’t have to become an apocalyptic inferno (a la Harold Camping predictions) to go down the tubes (we’re doing a pretty good job of it without supreme intervention). So until things calm down and we recapture our minds and hearts, our bags should be stocked and prepped for a savage world.

By Bryan Schatz

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