Pacsafe Gifts for your Traveller Friends

It’s never too early to start shopping for Christmas presents, and especially when you’re looking for traveller gifts! Whether it’s a present for someone going travelling for the first time or for yourself, check out our going travelling gifts ideas below.


For the occasional traveller

When shopping for a friend who travels only occasionally, it’s best to pick out items that they can use both while travelling and in their day-to-day lives. The Intasafe™ Z500 anti-theft backpack makes the perfect travelling gift, simply because it’s so versatile!

Travel with peace of mind knowing you’re protected against thieves with Pacsafe’s anti-theft technology, no matter if you’re on the bus to Kathmandu or taking the train to the office. This is a traveller gift that will be very much appreciated, no matter the occasion.


For the business traveller

What’s the best gift for people travelling on business? Instead of getting them a huge bag, perhaps explore giving them a RFIDsafe wallet! The RFIDsafe™ TEC trifold wallet is just the right size to slip into the pocket while keeping cards and cash safe from would-be thieves. You should also check out the RFIDsafe™ TEC passport wallet if you know they’re not going to be carrying their passports.

Another gift idea for a travelling friend is the RFIDsafe™ W250 RFID blocking travel organiser. This is especially useful for the travelling friend who’s always travelling with their families as it can fit multiple passports and boarding passes easily.


For the gear-manic friend

We all have that one travelling friend who carries a ton of gear when they leave the house. They’ll bring along their camera, tablet, extra battery packs, water bottle and all sorts of other stuff while they’re out and about. The perfect traveller gift for these gearheads would be a Pacsafe camera bag. Which bag? Well, the Venturesafe™ X40 PLUS marks all of the above criterias and will be perfect for your travelling friend. Plus, it works well with a camera insert, which also comes in 3 sizes.

Did you know that Pacsafe camera bags also make excellent presents for travelling parents too? The roomy bags come with flexible organization, so in addition to being able to store all the items their little one needs, the Pacsafe camera bags also allow parents to rearrange the bag according to their desires. Find the right bag for your travelling mummy friend here.

We’re sure you have other great gift ideas for a traveller. Share them in the comments or let us know on Facebook what your suggestions are.

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