Pacsafe ICONS: Top 6 Travel Bags

What’s the most important thing you need to have before packing for that dream holiday? The right travel bag, of course.

If you love travelling, you can’t go wrong with investing in secure anti-theft bags. Not only will they protect your belongings from bag slashers and thieves, but they’ll also give you peace of mind – when you know that your iPhone or new digital camera is kept safe.

From rolling luggage to handbags and shoulder bags, Pacsafe has a range of quality products you’ll love. If you’re having a hard time deciding on which one to get, have a look at our top 6 most iconic bags and most popular backpacks:


Metrosafe LS450

Although backpacks are best for when you’re carrying a lot of items (because they distribute the weight of your stuff so you don’t get a bad back) you need to be extra cautious when carrying one. This is because thieves can easily open your bag while you’re facing forwards, unaware of what’s happening behind you.

Luckily, this is less likely to happen if you have the Metrosafe LS450 backpack as its genius Lockabout™ security clip ensures pickpockets and thieves will struggle to open your bag and steal your valuable things.

Specially designed with 6 anti-theft features – Lockabout™ security clip, Carrysafe® straps, eXomesh® slashguards, an RFIDsafe™ blocking pocket, smart zipper security and Turn & Lock security hooks, the Metrosafe LS450 is the ideal backpack. On top of that, it also has 3 zippered organisational compartments, so you won’t need to rummage through your bag when you need something.  

The straps of the backpack are padded and comfy, yet also designed with a unique anti-theft feature. These Carrysafe® straps are equipped with a flexible and lightweight stainless steel wire to prevent bag slashers from slicing it – and running off with your bag.


Citysafe CS200

This is one of the best women’s handbags, thanks to its special features. Designed with a stylish, classic silhouette featuring clean lines, this popular handbag offers spacious compartments. There’ll be no shortage of space for those daily essentials.

However, don’t let the Citysafe CS200’s simple design fool you. The handbag can actually outsmart thieves as it’s equipped with 5 anti-theft features including RFIDsafe™ material, which blocks RFID transmissions – so that hackers can’t download information found in the micro-chips of your passport or credit cards.

Another handy feature is the Turn & Lock security hook, which allows you to attach your bag to a secure fixture while you’re having coffee or a meal. Thanks to the smart hook’s special turning mechanism, it easily locks in place and prevents thieves from snatching your bag while you’re busy eating.


Intasafe Z400

Winner of the Carryology Best Work Messenger Carry Award, the Intasafe Z400 anti-theft shoulder bag could be your new favorite companion. Its minimalistic design featuring rugged well wearing material has made it our bestselling commuter bag. The shoulder bag can easily accommodate MacBooks, iPads and tablets while keeping the items safe at the same time. This is ensured with the help of its Roobar™ locking system, which allows multiple compartments to be locked together using a single padlock.


Venturesafe GII 45L

If you love adventure travel, this is the bag you want. The Venturesafe™ 45L GII anti-theft travel backpack is the best travel backpack and the perfect carry-on bag because it meets most major airline carry-on standards.

Equipped with the usual Pacsafe anti-theft features, this backpack also includes the puncture resistant ToughZip™ technology. This prevents thieves from penetrating the zip of the bag with a pen or other pointy object, in order to break it open.

If you’re still worried, don’t fret because there’s more. The backpack also offers a lightweight, stainless steel locking cable,  enabling you to lock your bag onto a secure fixture and prevent thieves from running off with your bag.


Venturesafe X30

Similar to the Venturesafe™ 45L GII , the Venturesafe™ X30 anti-theft adventure backpack is also great for adventure travel.

What makes this backpack different is its  built-in rain cover, aluminium support backpanel, stowaway hip belt and 15 inch MacBook sleeve. That’s not all. It also includes eXomesh® slashguards, which prevent your items from falling out if your bag is slashed. Looking at all of its features, we’re not surprised that this is one of the most popular backpacks.


Slingsafe LX400

The Slingsafe™ LX400 anti-theft backpack is the ultimate weekend essential. Available in 3 colors; black, chili and khaki, and tweed grey, the bag’s features make it a handy necessity.

You’ll find the removable anti-theft cross-body pouch to be useful while the comfortable padded straps and 15 inch MacBook compatible sleeve are an added bonus you’ll definitely enjoy.

Besides that, the lightweight backpack manages to offer 7 security features. Now, that’s a lot of features! This way, you can keep your laptop and other gear secure when on-the-go, without any worries.

Now that you know all there is to know about our iconic Pacsafe bags, have you decided on your favorite?

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