Ready or Not, Canada, Here We Come!

Canadian fans of Pacsafe, we’re headed your way!

That’s right.  We’re responding to the call and now, Stephen and Sue Kay will be leading an initiative to get Pacsafe’s innovate products into Canada.  That means no more searching online for a US store; in a few months, you’ll be able to buy from home!

The husband and wife team of 27 years has more experience in the travel, sporting goods and consumer package goods industries than any other Canadian husband and wife team in the travel, sporting goods, and CPG industries.  At least that we know of.  But in all seriousness, they bring many years of experience and a deep understanding of retail into the Pacsafe team.  This is good news for Canadian Pacsafe fans and bad news for Canadian pickpockets.

Want more info?  Email Jen at jmccombie [at] pacsafe [dot] com or read the full press release.