RFIDtec 25 Only RFID Accessory to be Certifed by GSA

Last week, our the Pacsafe RFIDtec 25 ID Badge Holder was certified by the General Services Administration of the US government for meeting Personal Identity Verification (PIV) requirements for federal employees and contractors.  By meeting the requirements of the Federal Information Processing Standard Publication 201 (FIPS 201), Pacsafe’s RFIDtec 25 is now on the list of approved FIPS 201 product list.  Ok, here’s what that means.

In order for an identity badge holder to be considered “safe” by the US government, it has to pass really really rigorous requirements in this document called the Federal Information Processing Standard Publication 201 (FIPS 201).  The reason it’s so rigorous is because so many government identity badges are coded with contact-less RFID chips (chances are, so is your passport).  These chips communicate personal information wirelessly, meaning, really intelligent thieves could steal someone’s identity by using their own RFID readers.  For this reason, the US has a list of badge holders that have been tested to block out those unwanted RFID readers.

Luckily, we’re smarter than even the smartest of thieves (even the ones with their own identity-stealing RFID readers).  Our badge not only made it on the list, we were told in conversation that the RFIDtec25 was

“the most effective RFID shield to date.”

Ok, so the RFIDtec 25 is the only RFID shield to date but, but the fact is that it’s safe, it’s certified, and it’s pacsafe.

With that, here’s some really interesting statistics on identity theft to celebrate the passage of our RFIDtec 25!

(yes, that doesn’t make much sense, but the stats are interesting)

Interesting Stats on Identity Theft
• 39 countries around the world including the EU, US, Australia and most places in Asia currently issue e-passports / passports that contain RFID chips
• 11 million Americans were victims to identity theft in 2009 (Javeline Strategy & Research 2009) . In 2010 this did drop to 8.1 million Americans
• Financial losses in the US totaled US$50billion a year (www.identitytheft.info)• 1 in every 10 American consumers has been a victim of identity theft
• 1.6 million households have had their bank accounts compromised
• Worldwide businesses lose $221 billion yearly to identity theft
• The average amount taken from each identity theft victim amounts to $4,841USF (roughly 3 months worth of full-time work’s wages)
• 50% of victims only learn of their identities being stolen within 3 months
• 15% of victims don’t learn of their identities being stolen for 4 or more years
• It takes an average of 330 hours to repair the damage caused by identity theft
• In some cases it can take up 5,840 hours to correct the damage done by identity theft

Read RFIDtec 25 for more info.