The 7 Wildest Rollercoasters in the World

For those with strong stomachs, rollercoasters are an incredibly fun and adrenaline filled good time. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, if you meet the height requirement and don’t have a heart condition then you can ride and enjoy a good rollercoaster. Theme parks with these wild coasters can be found all over the world, but there’s a handful that stick out as crazier than all the rest. Here’s a list of the 7 wildest rollercoasters this world has to offer.

The Fujiyama Hyper Coaster – Japan
Located in Yamanashi, Japan the Fujiyama is an absolute beast of a rollercoaster. For its queasy passengers this coaster reaches speeds of just over 80 miles per hour. It is considered to be one of the longest and tallest steel coasters on earth and reaches heights of 259 feet into the clouds. At one point this legendary coaster had the steepest vertical drop on the planet, thrusting it’s passengers a terrifying 230 feet straight down.

Millennium Force – Ohio, USA
When this outrageous rollercoaster was built in May of 2000 it broke 10 different world records. Since its inception it has been voted the best rollercoaster on earth seven times. It reaches an astounding height of 310 feet which is followed by a 300 ft vertical drop that is guranateed to make even the toughest man scream. If the drop isn’t enough the coaster reaches speeds of 93 miles per hour which will definitely get your heart pumping.

Dragon Khan – Catalonia, Spain
The brave souls who decide to subject themselves to the Dragon Khan coaster of Eastern Spain are in for a seriously wild ride. At one point this coaster held the world record for inversions with a whopping 8 loops suspending its passengers upside down. The Dragon Khan is named after Chinese mythology and was an evil spirit that terrorized Beijing.

Bizarro – Massachusetts, USA
The Bizarro coaster located in Agwam, Massachusetts is another legendary coaster that adrenaline junkies must pay a visit. Two incidents resulting in injured passengers give the coaster an even more terrifying allure, however it has gone through a number of safety modifications to prevent further incident. This long rollercoaster has just over a mile of track and a hair-raising 210 ft vertical drop. It has been voted as the best coaster on earth 7 times since its construction.

Leviathan – Canada
Canada’s Wonderland theme park in Vaughan, Ontario is both the fastest and tallest rollercoaster in the country. It’s a relatively new coaster constructed in February of 2012. The 28 million dollar project reaches heights of  over 300 feet and during the fastest parts of the course the cars travel just under 100 mph.

Nitro – New Jersey, USA
In the Six Flags amusement park of Jackson, New Jersey lives the fastest coaster in New Jersey and the tallest coaster in the Eastern half of the Unites States. The Nitro coaster has ranked third in the world five years in a row and is one of the most popular in the country. It reaches speeds of 80 mph and includes a 215 ft vertical drop.

X2 – California, USA
Valenica, California is home to the world’s very first 4th dimensional roller coaster. This means that the seats can move 360 degrees forwards and backwards independently from the chassis of the coaster car. It adds a lot more crazy movement and is a revolutionary upgrade in the world of rollercoasters. Combine all this with speeds of 76 mph and over a 200 ft drop and you have one of the wildest roller coasters on earth.

By Alex Vere Nicoll