The Best Driving GPS Apps for Android and Apple Devices

Noel Hendrickson / Digital Vision /

Noel Hendrickson / Digital Vision /

Traveling around in a new part town, it’s always important to have a sense of where you are. And thankfully, with modern technology, having access to maps and GPS location is as easy as typing in a passcode. Whether you use it locate friends and family, find the cheapest gas, or figure out the way between point A and point B; it’s easy to say that handheld GPS applications are game changers. And here for you today, to make your life easier, are some of the best game changers on the market:

Gokivo | For Android & Apple
Gokivo is an amped up version of most common GPS programs that already come installed on your phone. The graphics are sharper, the 3D imaging is easier to read, and with lane assist, you’ll never find yourself trapped between the wrong exit and an illegal merge back onto the interstate.

Waze | For Android & Apple
Waze is a community based real time traffic and GPS app that allows you to coordinate meet-ups, find out about the latest traffic conditions, and find the cheapest gas. Updated by users themselves, this app allows you to see road conditions so you can find your most efficient commute.

Transit App | For Android & Apple
This innovative app allows to find the nearest, soonest, and fastest method of mass transit around you. Built for the big cities, if you enjoy not standing around gawking at transit maps on station walls, this is the app for you.

Navigon | For Android & Apple
The all-around everything map app, Navigon is a product of Garmin and delivers everything you’d expect if you were to actually buy a Garmin GPS unit. And that is why there is a bit of a price tag for the Navigon app. Prices vary depending on the region you are buying maps for, but rest assured, bust out the wallet for this GPS app, and you’ll never worry about getting lost as long as your phone stays charged.

Noel Hendrickson / Digital Vision /

Noel Hendrickson / Digital Vision /

GPS Essentials | For Apple
GPS Essentials brings everything to the table that traditional GPS apps leave behind. Altitude, battery life, bearings, declination, sunrise, sunset, and a fully functioning compass. Ideal for the adventure traveler, this app can help with direction both on and off the road.

Glympse | For Android & Apple
This awesome app could solve a lot of problems in your life. Almost like a text message, you can share your GPS location with friends or family for a specified amount of time. This is great if let’s say you are traveling out of town to visit some friends, and when you leave you send them a Glympse report. Your friends will then be able to see where you are on the map, know roughly how far away you are and what time you will arrive, plus ensure that if you don’t make it for some reason, help will be on its way.

Scout | For Android & Apple
Scout claims to be your daily personal navigator, but it might be more like your personal tour guide. Accessing more of the entertainment side of things compared to your traditional GPS apps, scout can hook you up with show times, events, happy hours, and coffee shops. Scout is great to use when you’re exploring a new city, or even exploring a city you lived in for years.

Sygic Family GPS Tracker | For Android & Apple
Yes, this app could be used to see if your daughter is at the local library or local toga party, but the idea behind this creation wasn’t playing detective, it’s all about safety. It’s about wanting to know if your kids made it to the school bus, or being able to send GPS coordinates to the proper authorities if need be. Stay connected and stay safe with Sygic.

Mapquest Mobile | For Android & Apple
Mapquest has been around for a while, and they bring those years of experience to their mobile app. Reliable, up to date, and easy to use; Mapquest may have a few flaws when you’re navigating country roads or holiday rush hour, but for a free app, it’s well worth the investment.

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