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d1Modern day stress spirals life into a different, and sometimes, not-so-healthy lifestyle.  Stress leads individuals to fall into the trap of developing unhealthy diets, poor habits or illness.
If this sounds familiar, then it may be time to experience a mind-body detox to kick-start healthy living. Massage treatments, juice fasts and the once in a lifetime coffee colonic are just some of the exciting ways to detox the toxic body. Beyond the detox experience, these destinations feature stunning views and, of course, some much needed R&R.
The SanctuaryThe Sanctuary | Haad Tien Bay, Koh Phangan, Thailand
The Sanctuary is the ultimate chill-out and detox resort. Located on Koh Phangan Island this resort is only accessible via boat from Haad Rin town. Adventure seekers can choose to walk from town through the tropical rain-forest by following the yellow and green dots. The serene, jungle atmosphere features a quiet beach, mind-body classes and tea temple. Visitors can choose from an array of spa treatments including massage, facials or body treatments. Those wanting to fully cleanse the system can choose between a one to 10.5 day cleanse. The cleanse includes lymphatic flush juice, detoxing shakes, herbal supplements, seaweed soups and ability to obtain a coffee or wheat grass colonic.  Detoxers can also choose from a liver, weightloss or raw cleanse. The resort also features a one-of-a-kind vegetarian and seafood menu.

arAyurveda Retreat & Hospital | Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, India

For those seeking an ayurvedic experience, this is a must-attend retreat. Located in the Nilgiri Mountains, visitors are treated to fresh air and a stunning view of green-tea fields. Balance your tridoshas, through the panchakarma detoxing package. This is Ayurveda’s complete cleaning program include treatments such as nose cleansing, colonics or purgation. The spa includes ayurvedic massage and hair and skin treatments to name a few.  The most wonderful part of the retreat is the delicious organic meals. Yoga and meditation classes are on-site for guests.  Fresh herbs are grown on-site in the garden and the cooks surprise guests daily with an array of vegetarian meals.

pmPacha Mama | Guanacaste, Costa Rica

This body-cleansing experience includes natural juice fasting, colonic hydrotherapy, medicinal herbs and nutritional consultation. The retreat utilizes local fruits and vegetables that are 100% organically grown.  Detoxers can enjoy various activities in the “Tara Garden” for yoga, dance, meditation or sharing circles. For those seeking something unique, take advantage of the fermented noni juice enemas which assists in rebuilding cells and removing toxins. Pacha Mama offers several packages including a five and 10 day cleanse.
dfHippocrates Health Institute | West Palm Beach, Florida
Nestled amongst 50 acres of tropical paradise, Hippocrates offers a Life Transformation Program that includes holistic treatments and therapies. The program features wheatgrass therapies, organic foods, infrared saunas, bio-energy treatments and colonics. In addition, detoxers take part in various med-spa therapy treatments such as hyperbaric oxygen chamber, cranial stimulation or chiropractic care. Physical fitness and mind-body classes are part of the wellness program. If working out seems too stimulating, relax in one of eight ozone pools, including a dead sea salt pool. Or walk amongst the reflexology path before a Hippocrates signature facial.

Elizabeth Kovar

Elizabeth is a fitness professional, workshop presenter and freelance writer. She is an active traveler who treks the globe looking for interesting stories to write and places to photograph. Her most significant travel achievements include living and volunteering in Australia twice and studied yoga in India.

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