Top Travel Trends for 2017: Is This in Your Itinerary?

As the year changes, so do travel trends. If you’re looking for creative ideas for your next trip, check out the top 3 travel trends that we’ve picked!


One of the most popular travel trends is eco-travel. Due to an increase in environmental awareness, travelers are slowly leaning towards sustainable travels. Eco-friendly travel options, such as using public transportation and sustainable accommodations, provide a more authentic journey while maintaining cultural and environmental integrity.


The edible resort, also known as “farm-to-resort” is one such example of sustainable accommodations. Hotels and resorts create landscape features using local edible plants such as thyme and oranges. The produce is then used in delectable dishes prepared in the resort’s restaurants, highlighting the destination’s cultural and culinary traits. Kittitian Hill in the West Indies and Pantrepant in Jamaica are two such delicious places.

Snow over Sand

As temperatures all over the world have soared in the last few years, travelers are escaping the heat by moving away from the beach. Instead, colder destinations trending, with more opting for snow to beat the heat, especially when summer approaches. With cool, fresh mountain air, log cabins, and ski slopes, there’s no surprise that winter is becoming the new travel trend!

For the adventurous, a Polar Travel cruise vacation not only represents a trek into the wilderness, but the best chance and way to experience the Arctic and Antarctic regions and its glorious wildlife.

Personalized Experiences

Finally, another travel trend that is really picking up is for travelers to create their own path when traveling. These vagabonds choose to explore less familiar parts of the world, setting their own traveling rules as they go. A personalized journey will give you an exclusive cultural experience that’s authentic, participatory, and challenging.

Instead of simply crossing off a list of things to see, travelers can now focus on experiences. Ever wanted to experience kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing pottery? Or learn more about burlesque? Travel sites like Airbnb now allow you to meet knowledgeable locals who’ll show you the hidden sides of their cities, creating a unique and personalized travel experience like no other.

Vibe25, Camo

With a new list of ideas for your next travel, it’s time for you to pack your bag and explore the world. We suggest that you use Pacsafe’s Vibe to keep you company during your trip. If you have other travel trends that you’d like to share, let us know!